Workshops and Equipment

Tug Malta Ltd has its own repair facilities which are suitably situated just across the road from the Company’s dedicated berthing facilities located at Timber Wharf Marsa. Moreover, the Company employs a number of skilled mechanical and electrical fitters and a nucleus of maintenance men, who are aptly competent and trained to complete any mechanical and electrical repairs, servicing and overhauls that may be required or due.

The workshop, which is located below the Company’s Technical Office, is adequately equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment that may be required to perform the above mentioned repairs and overhauls. These include metal machining equipment, welding equipment, flame cutting equipment, a heavy duty drill press and a vast array of special tools which are required to carry out specialised testing and adjusting of specific machinery equipment which is found on the Company’s tugs.

The Company’s dedicated berthing and quay space facilities at Timber Wharf Marsa include 80 metres quay wall space and approximately 690 m2 quay space for storage of heavy equipment and other bulk items . It also provides adequate berthing space for the operational tugs stationed within the Grand Harbour and for any tugs that may be undergoing repairs or overhauls. Electrical shore supply facilities together with other services such as compressed air and potable water mains are available on the quay.